Regional Millwright



Specializing in Turcite Application, Repair and Maintenance, Spindle Rebuilding, Bearing and Ball Screw Replacement, Industrial Electronics, PLC’s, Servos, and Retrofitting! We serve the KW, Cambridge and Guelph area, and are not afraid to travel!


Expert Machinery Rebuilding

Our technicians are qualified, experience, machinery rebuilders.

Slideway Grinding

Regional Millwright manages all Slideway Grinding requirements.

Turcite Replacement

Turcite®/Slideway linings are expertly replaced and fit as a major part of our focus.

Onsite Repairs

Regional Millwright Ltd.                  provides onsite assessment and repairs.

Regional Millwright

Our Experienced Service Technicians are equipped with a broad range of disciplines, including Mechanical & Electrical. 

Maintaining a high-quality standard in everything we do is paramount at Regional Millwright Ltd. Imagine a firm that works for you, where you are the primary reason for its commitment to detail in every dimension of it’s operation. From a polite and knowledgeable telephone response, to an expedient arrival in your plant, to courteous and educated interaction with all personnel involved. A comprehensive and detailed work report, with clear and concise billing. No Surprises! Problem Solved!

We truly are your ONE STOP RESOURCE for ALL Industrial Manufacturing Maintenance Requirements.

Regional Millwright Ltd. strives to provide fast and efficient service. If you have work you would like us to do and/or a question you need answered, please contact us today.